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About Us

GT Irrigation is one of the industry’s most respected and most advanced golf course irrigation solution providers. GT Irrigation operates out of Lake Worth, Florida and Charleston, SC and is HDPE certified and a Florida Certified Irrigation Contractor. 

GT Irrigation is led by CEO Karl Interrante who has over 30 years of hands-on industry experience. He has worked on every aspect of a project from estimating, budgets and project management to be a liaison and thought leader between clients, architects and consultants. GT Irrigation is not only led by an experienced and passionate entrepreneur, but an amazing group of people dedicated to professionalism and bringing the best product to their clients. 

Tomas Caseres

VP - Operations

Tomas Caseres position is the Vice President of Operations for GT Irrigation. He brings a long list of experience in the installation and daily management of projects ranging from small irrigation applications, sports field projects, large scale commercial development, large scale effluent projects and golf course irrigation system. Tomas will typically manage 3-4 projects utilizing a long list of Spanish speaking foreman he has trained over the years. His ability in being fully bilingual in Spanish and English has been a major asset in our ability to develop a strong management/safety program as well as the daily procedures on all our projects.

Karl Interrant


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